Nix Hawkins

Individual handcrafted ceramics to sit comfortably in your hands and home.

For me, handmade ceramics offer the incredible opportunity to make truly individual and distinct objects from the subtle marks and shapes made by my hand to organic earthy glaze finishes from traditional firing techniques. Whilst my collections have distinct styles no two pieces will be the same, think of them like sisters rather than identical twins.

My designs offer a soft colour palette that reflects the natural earth materials and landscape around my Dorset studio and enhance the stoneware clay through hand carved texture, breaking edges and natural finishes.

I hope all my work will bring a little something extra to the everyday; sipping a brew from your favourite mug; bowls with gentle curves that nestle comfortably in your hand; sharing platters at the heart of the table of family and friends; jugs filled with garden foliage and flowers…

Working in stoneware, each piece is thrown on my potter’s wheel, finished and hand decorated before being glazed and prepared for firing. The majority of my ceramics are reduction fired in wood fuel kilns, an incredible process where changing oxygen and fuel levels through the firing create intense depth and variation to the glazes and exposed clay. Every firing is different creating completely individual pots each with their own unique characteristics, like sisters rather than twins.

“Most of all, I love making things that have purpose, that can be used and enrich the everyday”