Belinda Sales

Belinda is an established ceramic artist working from her garden studio in Weymouth, Dorset. Inspired by her life-long love of wildlife and beautiful coastal scenery where she lives, Belinda hand builds unique 2 dimensional wall art and free standing sculptures. She primarily uses the Raku firing technique in her ceramics.

Raku is the name given to an ancient Japanese firing process where ceramics are rapidly fired in a purpose built RAKU kiln to 1000 degrees. The ceramic is then quickly removed from the kiln and placed into combustibles such as sawdust. The red hot ceramic bursts into flames creating smoke to blacken any un glazed areas, and to enhance the amazing crackles in the glaze created during this process. A thick coating of black soot is then removed using wire wool, revealing the distinctive and unique crackled glaze and sometimes beautiful flashes of copper.

With over 12 years experience in ceramics, she sells and exhibits her work in venues across Dorset and also runs regular pottery classes and Raku firing workshops.