Birgit Falker

I work with stoneware clay; I throw pots dishes, bowls and vases on the wheel and also hand build. My inspiration comes from the nature surrounding me; this can be the garden, animals, the sea, woodlands and ferns under the trees. I find the seeds in late summer and winter spellbinding.

To find out what one can do with clay is just an amazing journey I feel grounded working with it I hold the clay of the earth in my hand, I wedge it to beat out all the air I add water to the clay, centre it, and build it up. And at some point magic happens under my hands and fingertips Air will dry the clay, and decoration can begin; Fire will give the clay the last transformation to beauty and must be the ultimate highlight for every potter

The excitement of how glazes, firing and the clay work together is always extraordinarily exciting, especially when working with the wood kiln. To work with my fellow potters in Upwey, has been fantastic over the last 8 years. Long it may continue.

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