Bill Crumbleholme

Bill is a master potter; living, working & teaching ceramics in the village of Upwey for many decades. His distinctive and renowned style of contemporary stoneware is inspired by ancient pottery; Neolithic bowls, Bronze Age urns & beakers, Iron Age & Roman jars & bowls inform the designs, with surfaces decorated by impressing tools such as combs, bones or sticks into the clay to form repeating patterns.

Bill is a pyromaniac who really enjoys heating clay and glazes in many different ways to see what happens. He uses a variety of techniques each giving unique properties to the finished pots including wood-firing, raku and pit firing.

With a passion for ancient pottery, Bill is a member of the Ancient Wessex Network, undertakes experimental archaeology and works with museums and archaeologists exploring pre-historic techniques.

Bill was instrumental in the creation of this collective of potters who have grown from his class students to a group of individual artists sharing their love of ceramics, resources and knowledge.

More information and an archive of Bill's work can be seen at: